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I can now un-paranoid like go on the internet and livejournal! I finished Harry Potter today.. I LOVED IT. and some of my theories were right! I know, I know it took me a long time, but I needed to other stuff besides procrasternating by reading that. 
I was home alone today so I could scream, cry, laugh and  shout in happiness in peace. And I am sooo glad that nothing got ruined for me. 

Ash came sooo close to being murdered by Chris and me last week because he was saying something about it, and we kept screaming at him saying "ASH! STOP IT! YOu know that we are both reading it and how much we just DON'T WANT IT RUINED! WE are going to drop out of drama and you will be screwed for group if you don't stop it RIGHT NOW!!!!" So we stormed out and were standing outside for a while and then, we came back in and were just glaring at him until he said "Lou, you are further into the book than I am, I was completely making it up". After that it was pretty funny, but seriously we would have never spoken to him EVER again.
My boyfriend and my sister are having a conversation about hug emoticon.

yay its lou

I miss the world of livejournal.. damn board of studies blocking the site! 
Anyway, lets all rejoice for another reason to HATE cityrail. I'll start with the beginning.. it's a good place to start don't you think? We probably should have realised that our saturday night wasn't supposed to happen and we shouldn't have gone all the way to burwood for laser zone. we booked it for about 20 people, mostly because Brendan has been bugging sam to organize it since the last time we went, so we ALL agreed on the night and we had been planning it for about a week. Anyway to make this shorter, everyone except me, sam, chris, chris and tom backed out, because people either changed their mind, didnt have money or went round to brendans cause he couldnt afford it and he invited them over!! anywho eventually got there and thankfully me and tom have friends and invited some people and we had grog and were set to go in. played our three games which were wicked fun even if Alicia and Sarah had to leave after one game : [. afterwards me, chris and tom had to get home via public transport... YAY. didnt get to burwood till about 1 30, the bus to strathfield wasnt until 2.03, had to wait at strathfield for bus to hornsby til 3.01 and then we find out that you NEED A FUCKING RETURN TICKET ON NIGHTRIDE BUSES EVEN THOUGH WE WERE ONLY GOING ONE WAY AND HAD A FUCKING TICKET TO GET HOME. we didn't hav any money, we told the dickhead bus driver that we are three under 18 yearolds and we have no way of getting home and he's just like "it's cityrail policy.. it says it at the ticket machines that you need a return ticket" NO IT FUCKING DIDN'T. well considering we had time to kill waiting at the station for chris had at 3 30 in the morning, we couldnt find it ANYWHERE. unfortunately we found one sign that said it so we cant abuse them too much. we didnt get home until fucking 4 30. it wouldnt be that bad but it was freezing and we could have been home at like 1 30. 
I HAVE A MUSE TICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
woot go me! and i intend on going to BDO so will probably see them there as well. woot go lou. tool. muse. and who ever else is going to BDO.. it will be FUCKING AWESOME.



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